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Устройство за обработка на вода "Аквасоник" / Device Water Processing Equipment "Aquasonic"

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Присъединителен размер / Port size:G 3/4
Условен диаметър / Orifice:15,00 mm
Работно налягане / Working pressure:0,3 - 1,6 MPa
Материал на корпуса / Body material:Неръждаема стомана / Stainless steel
Пропускателна способност / Kv value:4,200 куб.м/час (m³/h)70,00 л/мин (l/min)
Температура на работния флуид / Temperature of the working fluid:от -10 до +140 °C

Български / English

Хидродинамичен ултразвуков генератор на колебания за обработка на вода - тип Аквасоник

АКВАСОНИК е устройство от вихров тип! Представлява цилиндрично тяло с отвор по оста, в отвора последователно са поставени турболизиращ елемент и вихрова камера. То е единственото устройство, което въздейства върху потока вода с механични колебания в долната граница на звуковата област и ултразвукови колебания, генерирани без външен източник на енергия, а използвайки енергията на преминаващата вода. При преминаване на потока вода през устройството, в него се генерират механични колебания в звуковата и ултразвуковата области. Енергията на механичните колебания предизвиква изменение в кристализационния процес на карбонатите и  сулфатите. Кристализацията започва далеч преди зоната на отлагане, като се образуват кристали с големи размери и гладки повърхности. Те не могат да се задържат по стените на съдовете и нагревателите и изтичат с водата или се утаяват на места с ниска скорост на водата. Колебанията унищожават по механичен начин намиращите се във водата микроорганизми. Преминалата през тази обработка вода е с по малко повърхностно напрежение (омокря по добре повърхностите), което подобрява действието на почистващите препарати и води до тяхната икономия.

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Съгласно Европейското законодателство (ДИРЕКТИВА 2006/112/ЕО НА СЪВЕТА)  всички цени обявени в EURO са данъчна основа на продукта без включен ДДС и важат за сделки извън страната, на територията на ЕС или трети държави извън митническата територия на Общността.

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest curses of contemporary household is scale. Each one of us has seen white stains on nickel-plated mixing tap, utensils or shower cabins and knows how hard it is to remove them.  These stains are due to the so-called scale (calcium carbonate CaCO3), which water contains. If you think of the reason for scaling, consider reading the following lines.

Calcium carbonate is chemical combination. Calcite   is one of the most widespread minerals and represents polymorphic modification of Calcium carbonate with strongly marked crystal structure. What does it mean?

By reason of its crystal structure, the fragments of calcite have ability to fasten altogether. In this way after some time and because of water movement, 3 to 10 mm. thick scale incrustation appears. Scale deposit layer 3mm. thick diminishes heat conductivity, which increases energy expenses with approximately 25% , 10mm. layer – with 50% .

What happens when temperature rises?

As temperature increases, level of scaling grows. Pay attention to the bathroom mixing tap, scaling in the hot part of tap is much bigger. Imagine what happens with heater of hot water boiler, dishwashing and washing machine.

At the time of temperature increasing and as a result of the internal energy created in water (its expansion), molecules, which by this moment have wrapped calcite particles, set apart and release calcite. Thereby the mineral particles easily adhere to each other. This is the reason why heaters are scaling the most.


Different methods can be applied:

  • Add subsidiary detergents or chemicals, that change water taste and quality;
  • Treatment  with magnetic fields, which influence over human organism is not investigated closely;
  • Electric generators of supersound, that are highly dangerous to be used in humid environment;
  • Zinc-anode protection, that works only in certain limits of water acidity. 


AQUASONIC device, that eliminates scale in an extremely ecological and energy free method, taken from nature.


Through its patented unique shape and segments arrangement, this device uses energy from running water as repeatedly collides in each other generated streams on the analogy of multitude micro waterfalls. These waterfalls generate supersound, which transforms calcite in aragonite - another structure of calcium carbonate (difference is the crystal lattice - arrangement of atoms). Aragonite forms a very thin protective layer (half micron thick), preventing adherent particles to stick on it. It’s important to know that accumulation of layers of aragonite creates the very rare precious stone AMMOLITE. This signifies the slow speed and little possible thickness of layer. Larger particles together with water stream have abrasive effect on surfaces therefore they break down existing lime incrustations and corrosion deposits. This process protects the whole piping, reduces water hardness and in a physical method suppresses reason for scaling. In the same time keeps vital elements of water – calcium and magnesium. 


  • Prevents scale depositing and eliminates already existent incrustations;
  • Saves energy waste, caused by thermal insulation effect of carbonate deposits;
  • Guarantees for better efficacy of cleaning and washing detergents;
  • Water that has passed trough this device, needs less energy for heating because of its structural transformation;
  • AQUASONIC doesn’t need any maintenance;
  • Lengthens lifetime of piping system and appliances;
  • After passing through the device, all microorganisms in water are exterminated by the supersound.

This device is developed in Bulgaria from leading specialists who have been working in this field for many years.

It is protected by universal patent. Results are proven in a few independent laboratories in different countries.

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