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Inline spool valve (inline solenoid valve) № 2636000 (5/2 way)

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Function :Normally closed
Body material:Aluminum
Port size:G 1/4
Orifice:6 mm
Working pressure:1-10 bar
Drawing №:1
Catalog №: 2636000

High quality inline solenoid valves (spool valve), electromagnetic actuated, indirectly controlled made of aluminum.

˃ High flow rate

˃ Simple desigh of soft spool seal system

˃ All standard voltages available

˃ Easily interchangable solenoid and softseal spool

The inline spool valves produced by ZITA BULGARIA for more than 30 years are successfully used in the following areas: Buses and trolley transport - at the automated opening and closing the doors, road marking machines, railway coaches, pneumatic presses, machine tools, footwear industry and many other areas. The inline spool valves produced by ZITA BULGARIA can seamlessly replace by quality brands such as: Norgren, Festo, SMC etc. The ZITA valves are procuce under German license documentation, confirming that the valves of the series 2636 and 8020 are the most successfully proven types.

For inquiries You can send us email to: sales@zita-ruse.com